weight loss

breakfast smoothie

Back in May I had turned over a new leaf.  I was walking with a pedometer and eating more veggies and felt pretty good about it.  I had even lost 1.5 pounds.  Soon after, I swapped running for walking and ditched the pedometer (only partly because I felt like a dork wearing a white pod […]

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little by little

In the last couple of months I’ve faced the truth about my eating habits, and though I struggled a bit at first to make changes, I had a bit of a breakthrough recently. And while I am ecstatic that I finally saw the scale move in the right direction last week (I lost 1.5 pounds!), […]

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A week without sugar (agave sweetened brownies)

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Yep, you heard me right:  A week without sugar. Can a girl who has eaten brownies for dinner really give up sugar? Better yet, why would she even try?  I have no idea.  Hehehe.  Okay, to be completely and embarrassingly honest, I ate an entire buttermilk cake by myself… over two days. Well, technically over about […]

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Once upon a time, bathing suits meant fun times.

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Remember those days when the protruding belly was cute in your little pink two-piece? And having a little chub on your thighs was adorable? Sadly those days are long gone (for me at least). That’s me around age 3. I wasn’t very camera shy back then; in fact I was a bit of a ham. My how […]

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