quick bread

pumpkin bread

Did you watch last night’s Top Chef? You know, the new one in Texas. I recorded it then watched it this afternoon. And while I usually love Top Chef, this episode left me feeling… well, a little annoyed. I get that they wanted to make it bigger being in Texas and all that. But shouldn’t […]

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buttermilk biscuits for the soul

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As much as chicken soup is lauded as a cure for what ails you, and is perhaps the quintessential comfort food (it even has its own series of books for goodness sake), I’d like to disagree. You see, to me soup is fine when you have the flu and are eating mostly liquids, but when […]

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sticky buns (easy like sunday morning)

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I know I’ve written about puff pastry before (see: chocolate croissants, and easy apple tart), but I wanted to give it props one more time. Some mornings, maybe you have the wherewithal to make pancakes or biscuits or pinwheels. Other mornings, you want something warm, flaky, and delicious but easy. That’s where puff pastry comes […]

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An intoxicating idea: beer bread

The other day I was catching up on what other foodies had been up to lately and saw this post from Maggie at Dog Hill Kitchen: Beer Bread Experiments and some Bean Salad. Beer bread. Hmm. At first it just sounded interesting but I’d never had it before and the recipe looked super-easy so I […]

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Cocoa-nana breakfast of champions

Last night I decided to start baking around 11:45pm. I had been reading Baking: From My Home to Yours which was one of my birthday presents last week. Do you read cookbooks? I don’t read them cover-to-cover (usually) but I do enjoy meandering my way through a good cookbook (One of my favorite reads: The […]

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