puff pastry


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And I’m back… I made it out of bed yesterday but couldn’t face the kitchen. In fact, I think I only popped in there to grab a cracker after my humor class. Poor neglected kitchen. Anyway, I spent Monday in its entirety in bed. Mostly sleeping, but also doing a little thinking. Here are few […]

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sticky buns (easy like sunday morning)

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I know I’ve written about puff pastry before (see: chocolate croissants, and easy apple tart), but I wanted to give it props one more time. Some mornings, maybe you have the wherewithal to make pancakes or biscuits or pinwheels. Other mornings, you want something warm, flaky, and delicious but easy. That’s where puff pastry comes […]

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Chocolate croissants… sort of.

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So you’ve bought some puff pastry and made an apple tart, right?  What about the other sheet of puff pastry?  I mean, they come 2 to a box.  Did you make a second tart?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I thought I would share what I did with my second sheet.  First […]

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Easy apple tart and the roundup

Frozen puff pastry, how do I leave thee?  Let me count the ways…  I love you as a turnover.  Twisted with cinnamon and sugar for an easy treat.  Palmiers you roll up quickly.  And most recently, I love you as a simple tart… If you have not yet discovered the frozen puff pastry at your […]

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