pie crust

pumpkin pie

Before I tell you about this pie, I first want to thank you all for your support and kind words. The comments on yesterday’s post made me feel warm-and-fuzzy-special which is a nice change from the short-bus-special I normally feel. I never rode a short bus but I did ride a special bus in high […]

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pie in a jar

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What did I put in those jars?… Pie! That’s right, pie.

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pie crust (part 3) – butter, shortening, vodka, or lard?

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Welcome to the third installment of my pie crust adventure. The first round of results are in. Dan and I tasted four different crusts and ranked them from best to worst for taste and texture.

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apple tart

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The preliminary results of my crust taste-off are in, and, given the trial run, this should come as no surprise: the all-butter crust did not win. But that doesn’t mean we can’t love an all-butter crust. In fact, the all-butter crust (aka sweet pastry dough aka pâte brisée) is still a delicious and perfect tart […]

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pie crust (part 2) – tips and techniques

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A new batch of mini-pies are cooling in the kitchen right now. Once the taste tests are done I will share the results with you. I have four crusts in the test: all butter, butter + shortening (both of these are repeats from round 1), butter + lard, and Cook’s Illustrated fool-proof pie dough which […]

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I finally had time today to go on my quest for the Holy Grail of pie crust: leaf lard. While I did not find leaf lard specifically, I came home with two different lards (is lards a word?).

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pie crust (part 1) – butter vs shortening

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Aren’t these cute pies? As I mentioned yesterday, I have been dreaming of pies. And crumbles and tarts. But mostly pie. And this week I finally decided to turn dreams into reality. But first things first, I have questions: which pie crust is best? all-butter? butter + vegetable shortening? or butter + lard? I know […]

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