a gift for you

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As I mentioned yesterday, I have a surprise for you. Actually, this is just the first surprise… I’m getting fully into the holiday spirit this year and wanted to share a little of it with you. So in the coming weeks I will be giving away a few presents to you, my readers.

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deep well cookies (aka jam thumbprints)

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This is the first cookie I ever made completely from scratch and on my own. I stumbled across the recipe in the Joy of Cooking when I was in high school (even back then I liked to thumb through cookbooks and dream about eating all the delicious things from its pages). These deep well cookies […]

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12 days of cookies

We are now officially into the heart of the Holiday Season and you know what that means, right? Cookies. And presents. But mostly cookies. Last year I made caramels and tried to make some other candies but this year, I am going to stick to what I know: baking — not to be confused with […]

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sticky buns (easy like sunday morning)

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I know I’ve written about puff pastry before (see: chocolate croissants, and easy apple tart), but I wanted to give it props one more time. Some mornings, maybe you have the wherewithal to make pancakes or biscuits or pinwheels. Other mornings, you want something warm, flaky, and delicious but easy. That’s where puff pastry comes […]

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black friday

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Peek-a-boo. After a few days away, this evening I was back in the kitchen making pie crusts for our belated Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. By the way, I found leaf lard! (and there was much rejoicing).

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happy thanksgiving

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a couple of ideas

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I’m away from my kitchen until Friday and so far I’m okay. The food has been good enough that I haven’t felt terrible withdrawals… yet. By Friday I will be very ready to start baking again though. But for now, here are a couple of last minute ideas for Thanksgiving this year…

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