cinnamon apple pancakes

With all these pancakes lately, I’ve had to drag my butt back to the gym. Back to spin class… Sometimes, I hate it. Like when the instructor has us cranking up the resistance to “climb a hill” and the song sucks. Or I look up at the clock thinking we must be close to the […]

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pumpkin bread

Did you watch last night’s Top Chef? You know, the new one in Texas. I recorded it then watched it this afternoon. And while I usually love Top Chef, this episode left me feeling… well, a little annoyed. I get that they wanted to make it bigger being in Texas and all that. But shouldn’t […]

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brown sugar baked sweet potatoes and acorn squash

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Flipping through the last issue of Gourmet, I was on the hunt for pie recipes. While I did find a couple of pies, I was distracted by a few of the side dishes (the photos in Gourmet are always so lovely… and distracting). You see, I am a sucker for sweet potatoes. From the marshmallow […]

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pumpkin pound cake with dulce de leche swirls

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I made a batch of dulce de leche brownies last week for my humor writing class (it was my turn to bring snacks), but the recipe only calls for about half of the can. Which meant there was some leftover. Which meant I was left vulnerable. So I put the leftovers in a jar and […]

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pumpkin pinwheels

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Seventy days. Ten weeks. Two months… no matter how I express how long I have been away from work, it does not match how long it feels. I left work about that long ago. I voluntarily, without coercion or drugs, bid adieu to my job as a software engineer and left my colleagues with dulce […]

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