masala chai (and the shelf of misfit teas)

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Welcome to my tea shelf. This is the place where teas go to die… or at least be forgotten. Jasmine, mint, detox, chai, rooibos, etc, etc. I love tea. I drink at least one cup most every day. And now that it is cooling off I drink it more often, sometimes just to warm my […]

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Cool, refreshing and festive: Watermelon margaritas

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When planning our fourth of July party, I knew I wanted to offer a cocktail. I expected most of the guys to drink beer, but that the ladies would appreciate something light and refreshing.  I was looking for something that said summer. I found inspiration flipping through the latest issue of Gourmet: Watermelon Margarita Ice […]

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Rosemary lemonade spritzers

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Last month, with some skepticism, I tried the rhubarb rosemary lemon spritzers from Simply Recipes. I wasn’t sure what rosemary would do to my fruity drink but it was really good. The rosemary added depth. It was a perfect foil to the tart and tangy rhubarb and lemon. So when I found these rosemary lemonade […]

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mint julep

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If you’ve been reading along, by now you know I’m from the South.  It’s not something I talk about that often typically, but my stomach seems to be a little homesick lately (Nothing some good BBQ wouldn’t cure, but I can’t find the kind of pulled pork I want around here). Anyhow, today I’m bringing […]

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