12 days of cookies, a look back

Here we are just a couple days away from December, and I am not ready. Last year I made 12 days of cookies and wanted to it to be a tradition but I’m really not ready. I am not ready to bake for 12 days straight. I’m not ready to eat cookies for 12 days […]

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chocolate chip cookie dough

That’s right, chocolate chip cookie dough on a stick. No baking required. Freeze it, dip it in chocolate, and then… Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!… Wow, are these things good. It all started last week when I asked Dan’s oldest son (let’s call him L-Train) what sort of treat he’d like for his birthday. Initially, he […]

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lemon bars

Dear friends, I made lemon bars. I made them and I ate them and ate them. And then I sent them away. Truth: I cannot be left alone with an entire batch of lemon bars. It all started when a friend gave us a bag of lemons. I love lemons. But I was paralyzed by […]

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coming clean

Welcome back, I missed you so much! Okay, fine. I’m the one who hasn’t been around blah blah blah, but I still missed you. Let’s catch up over cookies and milk. Since confessing my sugar sins, I’ve been thinking a lot about food. I haven’t been cooking as much as just thinking (and eating, of […]

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Thumbnail image for macarons

Is it just me or are macarons popping up everywhere? I’ve even seen some at Starbucks and the freezer section of Trader Joe’s. Macarons are the new cupcake. Or at least they seem to be from where I’m sitting. Remember not too long ago when I gushed over dinner at Masa’s and their candy cart? […]

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whoopie pies

Who wouldn’t like to make a little whoopie this Valentine’s Day? Careful though, it can be habit forming. Whoopie pies with their chocolate cake outside and creamy marshmallow inside (what did you think I meant?). I’m seriously addicted.

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vanilla bean nutella sandwich cookies

Thumbnail image for vanilla bean nutella sandwich cookies

Dear Vanilla Bean, I understand you are upset. You feel I lured you out of of your precious little vial with promises of stardom when really I knew all along you were just playing a supporting role. Well, maybe that’s a little true. But no one else could have played that role quite as well […]

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