ice cream pie

Last month I was back in Georgia visiting family and ventured out to Metter to visit my Aunt Helen for lunch. She is a vivacious Southern lady, always good for a story and a tasty bite or three. For lunch she served a Greek-inspired salad to keep things light so that we could indulge in […]

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chocolate chip cookie dough

That’s right, chocolate chip cookie dough on a stick. No baking required. Freeze it, dip it in chocolate, and then… Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!… Wow, are these things good. It all started last week when I asked Dan’s oldest son (let’s call him L-Train) what sort of treat he’d like for his birthday. Initially, he […]

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coming clean

Welcome back, I missed you so much! Okay, fine. I’m the one who hasn’t been around blah blah blah, but I still missed you. Let’s catch up over cookies and milk. Since confessing my sugar sins, I’ve been thinking a lot about food. I haven’t been cooking as much as just thinking (and eating, of […]

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whoopie pies

Who wouldn’t like to make a little whoopie this Valentine’s Day? Careful though, it can be habit forming. Whoopie pies with their chocolate cake outside and creamy marshmallow inside (what did you think I meant?). I’m seriously addicted.

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chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies

Thumbnail image for chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies

I received an unexpected gift this Christmas from a few people that Dan works with: a copy of Martha Stewart’s Cookies. A lot of the treats I have baked in the last year found their way to Dan’s office and while I haven’t spent much time around his team, they all know me. It’s kind […]

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marbled peppermint bark

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What is Christmas without a little peppermint bark? Or in this case, marbled bark… sounds fancy, but isn’t really. Like with the cranberry bliss bar, I’m kind of stretching the meaning of “cookie” again. But I’m still in the easy-does-it mode in the kitchen. So easy in fact, I didn’t turn on a stove or […]

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peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

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Have you made yesterday’s macaroons yet? They are seriously good. I almost made more today because the idea of sharing made me uncomfortable… The recipe made 12 and I ate 6 of them between last night (in the name of quality control) and this morning (for breakfast, of course). Even so, the idea of sharing […]

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