simple. easy. delicious.

It doesn’t get much easier than this: marinated feta. I first saw marinated feta on my friend Kristen’s blog Passion 4 Eating back in January, and now I am hooked. I eat it in sandwiches, crumbled onto pasta, atop burgers, with hunks of baguette, and sometimes just straight from the jar.

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cheddar apple quesadilla

Behold: an apple. It is good for you (vitamins, fiber, blahblahblah), and it tastes good to boot. What could be better? Cheese, that’s what. Melted, gooey, cheddar cheese.

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potato and leek gratin

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While I don’t think men are the only ones who like gratin, I file this one under Man Food. With it’s hearty potato, cheese and cream trifecta, it is something a man will inhale in heaps while a woman looks on jealously as she picks at her own dainty portion. At least, that’s the way […]

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