dulce de leche brownies

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Yesterday was my last day at work.  I can’t believe it is actually over. I’ve been waiting and counting down for a couple of months now (longer than that really, but that was when I made my decision to quit), but now that it’s over I feel odd. I had my struggles with work for […]

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A week without sugar (agave sweetened brownies)

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Yep, you heard me right:  A week without sugar. Can a girl who has eaten brownies for dinner really give up sugar? Better yet, why would she even try?  I have no idea.  Hehehe.  Okay, to be completely and embarrassingly honest, I ate an entire buttermilk cake by myself… over two days. Well, technically over about […]

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A tale of two cookies…

Last weekend I went to Tahoe and stayed in a cabin with a bunch of people.  When I say cabin, I don’t mean little 4 walled thing with 20 people crammed in.  No, this place was insane… big enough that with 20 people it did not feel crowded.  At all.  Anyhow, remember my cupcake disaster […]

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Catching up on Top Chef (and a Roundup)

What did I do before DVR? Oh, that’s right… I actually got stuff done. Ha. But now I can have a crazy week and come home on Friday night and catch up on the week: Biggest Loser, Top Chef, Grey’s Anatomy, and reruns of Good Eats and Barefoot Contessa. Maybe it would be cooler to […]

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Brownie Roundup and a chocolate review

Today I helped D. move. I wasn’t required to do any heavy lifting, I just had to pack up all of the kitchen stuff and other little things. Now most of D. and the boys’ stuff is at their new abode. And D. and I are currently relaxing in the new living room (sort of […]

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Brownie Roundup

Work has been a tad on the crazy side so my oven has been quiet (maybe this is a good thing? It makes the ‘eat fewer sweets’ easier anyway). This unfortunately means I have no new pictures of desserts fresh from my oven. Instead I’ve decided to do a quick roundup of the brownies I’ve […]

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Double your pleasure, double your fun… ruin your New Year’s Resolution?

Why just have brownies when you could brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough? I spotted these at Bakerella this morning. Evil. Evil I say!But you know I will be making these sometime soon. I have been thinking about “Superbowl” foods and got stuck on the dessert: cookies or brownies? With these I don’t have to […]

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