fruity oatmeal muffins

I’ve been working on a healthy recipe for oatmeal pancakes off and on for over a year. You can ask Dan, he’s had to eat most of them. I’ve had the flavors right for a while, but the pancakes still fall apart when I try to flip them. Needless to say, the recipe is not […]

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buttermilk pancakes

Thumbnail image for buttermilk pancakes

Hi. How are you? Good I hope… By now I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been taking a bit of break. It wasn’t entirely planned but between birthdays and Valentine’s, and snow trips and Wicked, I’ve been eating out a lot the last couple of weeks and not cooking. But I’m back now and I made […]

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I found my thrill on blueberry hill. Scones, that is.

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a run with a friend of mine.  We had a good time talking the whole 5+ miles and I barely noticed we ran that far (until the next day when my legs were really sore).  We’ve been trying to plan a time to run together again since […]

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Rainy morning, blueberry pancakes

Sunday morning, I awoke to a gentle drippity-drop rain outside my window. I love the rain. Though I like a lot of things about California (including the weather), I miss thunderstorms. I grew up (mostly) in Savannah, Georgia where in the middle of summer we’d see the big dark clouds roll in and the sky […]

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