12 days of cookies

sugar cookies

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The holiday classic: sugar cookies. Cut out and decorated in bright colors and sprinkles. It seemed a fitting end to the 12 days of cookies. That’s right, it’s Day 12. Finally. Well, I guess technically it is Cookie 12 and day 17. Not quite what I had intended when I started the 12 days of […]

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jello spritz cookies

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This cookie takes me back to college. My roommate PJ returned after the holidays with a stockpile of cookies and generously shared them with me. I’m ashamed to admit I couldn’t stop myself and ate way more than would be considered polite. Thankfully, PJ forgave me. And then gave me the recipe for the one […]

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praline cookies

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Since moving to California, when people first find out I’m from Georgia most respond in the same way: “What happened to your accent?” I don’t really know; as far I can tell I’ve never had much of an accent. Once when I lived in Atlanta, a shopkeeper asked me where I was visiting from… she […]

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marbled peppermint bark

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What is Christmas without a little peppermint bark? Or in this case, marbled bark… sounds fancy, but isn’t really. Like with the cranberry bliss bar, I’m kind of stretching the meaning of “cookie” again. But I’m still in the easy-does-it mode in the kitchen. So easy in fact, I didn’t turn on a stove or […]

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And I’m back… I made it out of bed yesterday but couldn’t face the kitchen. In fact, I think I only popped in there to grab a cracker after my humor class. Poor neglected kitchen. Anyway, I spent Monday in its entirety in bed. Mostly sleeping, but also doing a little thinking. Here are few […]

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day 8: taking a mulligan

Hey there, Unfortunately, I’m going to have to interrupt the flow here. I was mentally prepared to present you with 12 days (in a row) of cookies, but due to an unforeseen illness I had to miss today. I’ll make it up to you soon though… It’s nothing too serious… I’m just not up for […]

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peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

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Have you made yesterday’s macaroons yet? They are seriously good. I almost made more today because the idea of sharing made me uncomfortable… The recipe made 12 and I ate 6 of them between last night (in the name of quality control) and this morning (for breakfast, of course). Even so, the idea of sharing […]

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