Stop doubting: day 4 – Values


Where things get juicy
Your values are those things that are most important to you. Things like family, fun, friendship, security, etc.

That’s a general list of things that a lot of people say are important to them. But the real juice is when you dig deeper and get really specific.

For example, I have a value of love, but what does that really mean? To me, it means connection, trust, authenticity, vulnerability, etc…

See how looking closer at one value, I uncovered a bunch more? Yeah, values are cool like that.

And like a fingerprint, everyone has their own unique set of values (because even if we both have a value called “freedom”, it probably means something different to me than it does to you).

Can’t touch this
When I work with clients, I’m always listening for their values, because it’s such a powerful way to create resonance. And resonance is what it’s all about… that is, when you are resonating on something… when you are connected to what really matters to you, it’s like having the perfect weather and no obligations on your day off (in other words, blissful).

And a bonus: your gremlins can’t touch you when you’re really connected to what’s important to you.

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