Stop Doubting – day 1 : more about gremlins


I made a video about 5 things you should know about your gremlin. You can watch it here >>

Laughter is the best medicine

Remember in Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban, the scene where Professor Lupin is teaching the Defense Against the Dark Arts class how to handle a boggart? He tells them that the boggart will become the thing you fear most, but that it cannot stand up in the face of laughter.

Gremlins are similar to boggarts. They magnify your fears until you are paralyzed unless you learn to the proper counter-curse. And like the boggart, our gremlins don’t like to be laughed at. So one way to handle a gremlin is to laugh at how ridiculous it really is.

It may not sound ridiculous at first, but try saying what the gremlin tells you out loud. It sounds a lot different when you speak the words than it does when they just repeat in your head.

The most important thing today is to become aware of your gremlin. That is the first step in taking back control & putting it in its place. I’ll talk about more ways to take back the control tomorrow.

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