saturday inspiration

by Patricia on May 28, 2011 · 1 comment

"Love what YOU Love " - Ray Bradbury


My fingernails are caked in paint. Not like a pretty manicure, more like a mottled mess. But I don’t care because I love to paint.

This is new.

In the past whenever I’d try to paint, I would only see the mistakes. I’d think, “I’m not an artist.” And pack up my paints and brushes and forget about them. For years.

What changed?
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greetings from the other side

by Patricia on May 14, 2011 · 3 comments

Can you believe it is already May? I’m shocked. And relieved as well.

April was a marathon of family events from simple visits to weddings and a funeral. Overall it was a good, albeit hectic, month. But now April is gone (whew) and May is here (woot!).

And now with all this free time, I’ve been letting my creative juices flow. I have cooked a little, written some, and crafted a lot.
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buttermilk cornbread

by Patricia on March 31, 2011 · 3 comments

Cornbread. When it’s bad, it’s bad. Dry and flavorless, or too cakey and sweet. But when it’s good.. it is so good.

That said, when I have chili, I always want cornbread. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s like gestalt.

You know, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”… like peanut butter and chocolate… Both are good on their own but together they create something much better. Chili and cornbread are like that for me too.

Then again, cornbread and butter are often enough to make me happy…
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rainy day chili

by Patricia on March 28, 2011 · 4 comments

Winter has been overstaying its welcome. And I’m tired of it. With a string of day upon day of gray and rainy, I have had it. I wanted a piping hot bowl of comfort.

But not if I have to work for it. Cause you know… I’m lazy.

And somewhere in the midst of that lazy gray mood, we invited some friends over for dinner. Aw man, that means I have to cook something.

Sounds like work to me. Cause you know… I’m lazy.

southwest style turkey chili

So I turned to my old buddy, Mr. Crockpot, for help. Actually, I let him to do most of the work.
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useful stuff

by Patricia on March 25, 2011 · 5 comments

I love to see new ways to solve (what should be) simple problems. This is one reason I like Real Simple.

Still, what usually happens is I read how to use aluminum foil to scrub your glass bakeware, for example, and think “Hey, that’s a good idea.”. Only to forget all about it when I have aluminum foil balled up and headed for the bin.

But there is one tip that stuck with me recently.
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So far we have baked and frosted 200 cupcakes while keeping our cool, stored them overnight and got them to the venue, and now we are going to show them off.

Cupcakes can entice nearly anyone into their presence like the Sirens luring sailors to their doom. Without any special displays or fancy decorations.

So we could leave well enough alone.

We could just line them up on a table and say “have at them”. And probably no one would say a bad word about it. Especially not once they’ve tasted the ridiculous red velvet cupcakes.

Heck, I bet you could launch cupcakes across the room for people to catch like Tshirts at a hockey game (or basketball or… you get the idea) and people would scramble and elbow each other out of the way just to catch an ultimate cupcake.

But that’s not how I roll.
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200 cupcakes, part 2

by Patricia on March 21, 2011 · 4 comments

So you’ve got 200 cupcakes piled up in your kitchen, now what do you do?
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