tomato-watermelon salad

by Patricia on August 29, 2012

tomato-watermelon salad

This week I had the best of intentions. I started out Monday with perfectly reasonable goals for blogging, my new-ish coaching business, clutter-busting around my office, and exercise. But no sooner had I written down my goals than catching up on House: the last season took priority.

Do/did you watch House? If so, please tell me what is so compelling about that cantankerous, not-so-borderline psychotic doctor? I was hooked on the show, and I’m still wondering why.

Okay, that’s not true. I liked the characters (including/especially House. Some part of me wishes I could say the things he got away with saying to people). And I’m a sucker for medical mumbo-jumbo (see: Grey’s Anatomy and E.R., the early years). Of course, the plot and characters have to be good too, it can’t just be loosely based on medical mumbo-jumbo to keep me interested (see: Grey’s Anatomy and E.R., the later years).

Anyway, so now that that’s done, I’m here and back on task… it’s summer, and today we’re talking salad.

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cilantro sugar

by Patricia on August 9, 2012 · 4 comments

Post image for cilantro sugar

Does this ever happen to you?

You buy a bunch of cilantro or mint (or another herb) for a recipe that calls for a few sprigs, only to have most of it go bad before you figure out what to do with the rest?

Maybe it’s just me. I can live with that.  But to solve my herbal issue, I’ve been playing with ways to make good use of the herbs before they give into the wilty-side.
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let’s kiss and make up

by Patricia on August 2, 2012 · 4 comments

Confession: I hate to cook

Don’t get me wrong. I love to cook… except when I don’t.

And when I don’t, my feelings are middling at best. At worst, I avert my eyes from the stove as I pass through the kitchen, as if it were that guy outside of the grocery store asking me for money “for a drug-free community”.

But no matter how I feel about cooking, I love eating. Good food. Which often leads to eating out or getting take out (too) frequently (I’m ashamed to admit just how often). This creates several problems:

  • It’s expensive.
  • It’s not all that healthy.
  • I get cranky about dinner because I don’t want to eat take out. But I don’t want to cook either. So this leaves me in an emotional conundrum (aka cranky).
  • And etc… the list goes on. But you get the idea.

So I decided it is time to kiss and make up… with my stove.
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Ready for the 4th?

by Patricia on July 3, 2012

Howdy y’all. Where has the year gone? Holy moly, it’s almost July 4th!

But rather than dwell on how the year has slipped by, I thought I’d ask what your plans are for the 4th? Are you firing up the Q?

I’m planning to make bbq ribs with corn on the cobb and a salad. Why don’t you come by around 3pm?

A few ideas for the 4th of July

bbq chicken
BBQ chicken & Avocado-corn Salad

watermelon margaritas
Watermelon Margaritas

bbq ribs
BBQ Ribs

a few favorites

by Patricia on January 14, 2012 · 1 comment

Hi there,

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I am.

I went to lunch with a couple of my best friends earlier and then spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the sofa. Our sofa has its own gravitational force field… Ripley’s Believe It or Not! ;)

Okay, don’t believe it. But it is darn comfy.

Anyway, just wanted to take a few minutes to share some of my favorites from Pinterest this week (I’m completely addicted to Pinterest now, btw).

Hey! What’s wrong with spending time on the couch?!

But seriously, love this print. (Also available on Etsy)

Baked buttermilk doughnuts (via One Ordinary Day). Cuz… you know, doughnuts are awesome.
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the re-education of a functionista

by Patricia on January 10, 2012 · 5 comments

According to Urban Dictionary:

Functionista: Someone who consistently wears situationally appropriate clothing.

Anyone who dresses purely according to the dictates of function, in response to actual weather conditions and in pursuit of personal comfort.

The opposite of fashionista.

In other words: me.

At least, that’s the way I dressed for most of my life. Deep inside, there was a fashionista waiting to add shiny baubles and leather boots. But for many (many) years, I resisted.

Not because I wanted to dress like I did in college well into my thirties. Not because I couldn’t pick out nice pieces of clothing (in fact, I’ve always had a knack for dressing up when a fancy occasion came along… it was the everyday clothes that befuddled me).

No, I dressed functionally cute for most of my adult life because it was easy. Easy to blend in. Easy to hide out. Easy to not be judged (as showy or heaven forbid I draw any attention).
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happy new year!

by Patricia on December 30, 2011 · 3 comments


I’ve been thinking about you. How are you? I’m good!

You ready for 2012? I AM!!! I’m excited. I think it is going to be a great year. I have lots going on… I’m taking an acting class (for fun), I’m finishing up a leadership program that I started in the fall, I’ll be working on getting certified as a life coach, and generally just doing some awesome stuff.

As for Brownies for Dinner… I’ve got ideas. I feel like it’s time for a facelift. So I’m redesigning and I’m not sure how long it will take me to finish re-arranging the furniture. So please be patient with me.
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