Free Mini-Course

I’ve created this free 5-day mini-course as a gift for you. It’s designed to get you from I’m not sure… to Yes I can!

Do you feel like people won’t like you if you say NO?

Do you make choices to make as many people as happy as possible?

Do negative thoughts and doubts keep you stuck where you are?

Do your ideas and passions seem more like pipe dreams?

If ANY of that sounds like you, sign up now

In 5 short days, you will:

  • Identify your Gremlin
  • Take your power back
  • Connect with your inner voice (aka inner wisdom aka your true self)
  • Identify what’s really important
  • And… get after it!

The word on the street…

Stop Doubting and Start Doing is just the wake up call I needed to shift to the next level. If you are ready to do the work, you couldn’t ask for better tools! ~ S. Luna Raven

A great refresher for staying on course with my goals. I was starting to lose focus of my values and it reminded me that I am worthy of saying NO, and I would be more respected for it. ~ E.

This course really helped me look at some of my negative thoughts and beliefs and turn them around. The worksheets were fun and light-hearted, making the process of self examination fun. I feel that this mini course gave me some concrete steps that I can make towards achieving my goals. ~ April Hong

This is a great way to recognize and turn down the volume on the voices that keep us stuck so we can then start achieving our dreams. ~ Lynn M. Coye

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