how to revive leafy greens

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Have you ever bought a bunch of leafy lettuce with the intent of making a beautiful salad only to find it wilted in your refrigerator a few days later? What did you do? Did you: A. throw it away then eat a pound of chocolate because you were so riddled with guilt? Or… B. revive […]

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pie in a jar

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What did I put in those jars?… Pie! That’s right, pie.

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scooping out a pumpkin

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If it weren’t for cleaning out the inside of a pumpkin, I think I would cook with them more often. It takes me forever to scrape out all of the stringy stuff inside. This has made me lazy and I mostly use canned now. But we bought a few pumpkins for Hallloween decorations, and never […]

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pie crust (part 2) – tips and techniques

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A new batch of mini-pies are cooling in the kitchen right now. Once the taste tests are done I will share the results with you. I have four crusts in the test: all butter, butter + shortening (both of these are repeats from round 1), butter + lard, and Cook’s Illustrated fool-proof pie dough which […]

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make your own brown sugar

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Sunday night, Dan and I were cooking dinner when we found ourselves in negotiations over the last half cup of brown sugar. He wanted it for the ham, I wanted it for the sweet potatoes and acorn squash. Just as Dan offered to split it with me, leaving us both a little short of what […]

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tip: how to clean a whiteboard

After looking at the same stale notes for months, today I decided to start afresh and began to erase my whiteboard. But because the dry erase ink had been left to sit for so long, it had actually begun to stain the whiteboard. The eraser only took off the top layer, leaving behind almost everything […]

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hard-boiled eggs

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As a kid, I had a love-hate relationship with eggs.  I loved deviled eggs.  And egg salad.  I hated fried eggs. But not always.  I can distinctly remember a time in my early childhood when I would happily eat eggs with my pancakes and even dip the syrup-soaked bites into the runny yolk just like […]

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