Moving mountains

Okay, not really. I did hike up and down a mountainous hill yesterday and have the sore legs to prove it. Still, I have not moved any mountains. What I really wanted to say in this quick little post is that I’ve been making tweaks to my site. Some are subtle like moving and/or removing […]

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How are all of you? I’m okay. I’ve had a fever of unknown origin for a few days and I smell of illness. You know, the I’ve been in my pajamas much too long kind of a smell. But my temperature is down to only 99.5 today, woohoo. I probably don’t need to point out […]

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Sometimes life gets messy

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When you’re making a pie, you have to get flour everywhere and roll that dough out… show it whose boss. In the process you may end up with flour on your hands, shirt, in your hair and maybe even a little on your face. Or is it just me?

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Once upon a time, bathing suits meant fun times.

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Remember those days when the protruding belly was cute in your little pink two-piece? And having a little chub on your thighs was adorable? Sadly those days are long gone (for me at least). That’s me around age 3. I wasn’t very camera shy back then; in fact I was a bit of a ham. My how […]

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All signs point to pie

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And yet I am pieless. About a week ago, I finished reading American Pie: Slices of Life (and Pie) from America’s Back Roads by Pascale Le Draoulec.  From the first page through the last I craved pie.  How could I not? Riding along with Pascale through small town America sampling pie and talking about pie with […]

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Finding focus

I snapped this photo the other night while Dan was watching the Sharks vs Ducks hockey game on television.  It was a tough game to watch (Sharks lost, bringing it to 3-1 in the series). But at this moment instead of angry and loud and excited, he was still and quiet and focused.  And while […]

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