Party Food

Garden fresh pasta salad

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I have been craving pasta salad for about a week now. But we were busy last week so I didn’t really have a chance to make any until Saturday. I went out into the garden and found a couple of yellow squash that looked ready to be picked. It turned out they could’ve used a […]

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Cupcake cones

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A friend of mine graduated with her masters recently and her husband threw a little party in her honor. He asked me to bring a dessert (I seem to be getting a reputation). I had a hard time deciding what to make but finally decided to try out cupcake cones. They have been on my […]

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Dan’s bruschetta

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Yesterday was the first day since Friday that I felt more okay than not.  And I was tired of soup.  So when Dan asked for dinner suggestions I said “Not soup… fresh veggies… something simple”.  I had no idea what I would be having for dinner.  I thought he would maybe come back with a […]

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the ultimate cupcake

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The Ultimate? I know, that’s pretty bold of me to say.  Right?  I’m not usually so bold.  In fact, as a rule I under-sell things… you know, the whole set expectations low and deliver above and beyond.  But you know what?  This cupcake can stand up to the scrutiny.  The flavors are all understated but […]

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A slider emergency

First, a confession. I am from time to time a lunchtime idiot. I decide without much pause that I don’t really feel hungry and I will get something to eat later. This usually happens on days when I have a lot of meetings and/or a lot going on at work. The problem is that sometimes […]

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