Guilty Pleasures

pumpkin pie

Before I tell you about this pie, I first want to thank you all for your support and kind words. The comments on yesterday’s post made me feel warm-and-fuzzy-special which is a nice change from the short-bus-special I normally feel. I never rode a short bus but I did ride a special bus in high […]

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chocolate chip cookie dough

That’s right, chocolate chip cookie dough on a stick. No baking required. Freeze it, dip it in chocolate, and then… Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!… Wow, are these things good. It all started last week when I asked Dan’s oldest son (let’s call him L-Train) what sort of treat he’d like for his birthday. Initially, he […]

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peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

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Have you made yesterday’s macaroons yet? They are seriously good. I almost made more today because the idea of sharing made me uncomfortable… The recipe made 12 and I ate 6 of them between last night (in the name of quality control) and this morning (for breakfast, of course). Even so, the idea of sharing […]

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(mock) cranberry bliss bars

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A few of you mentioned the cranberry bliss bars from Starbucks when I asked about your favorite holiday treat. And while I’m not sure it is technically a cookie, I’ve decided to include it in the 12 days of cookies… I was going to make them anyway, so why not? [Note: this recipe is in […]

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pumpkin pound cake with dulce de leche swirls

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I made a batch of dulce de leche brownies last week for my humor writing class (it was my turn to bring snacks), but the recipe only calls for about half of the can. Which meant there was some leftover. Which meant I was left vulnerable. So I put the leftovers in a jar and […]

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brown butter pound cake

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Please note: this post contains obscene butter usage.* I’ve been thinking a lot about butter lately. Not in terms of health concerns or anything like that. The thing that has held my focus the most is simple yet perplexing to me… there can never seem to be too much butter in something. No, I’m not […]

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dulce de leche brownies

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Yesterday was my last day at work.  I can’t believe it is actually over. I’ve been waiting and counting down for a couple of months now (longer than that really, but that was when I made my decision to quit), but now that it’s over I feel odd. I had my struggles with work for […]

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