Comfort Food

cinnamon apple pancakes

With all these pancakes lately, I’ve had to drag my butt back to the gym. Back to spin class… Sometimes, I hate it. Like when the instructor has us cranking up the resistance to “climb a hill” and the song sucks. Or I look up at the clock thinking we must be close to the […]

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buttermilk cornbread

Cornbread. When it’s bad, it’s bad. Dry and flavorless, or too cakey and sweet. But when it’s good.. it is so good. That said, when I have chili, I always want cornbread. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s like gestalt. You know, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”… like […]

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rainy day chili

Winter has been overstaying its welcome. And I’m tired of it. With a string of day upon day of gray and rainy, I have had it. I wanted a piping hot bowl of comfort. But not if I have to work for it. Cause you know… I’m lazy. And somewhere in the midst of that […]

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pumpkin pie

Before I tell you about this pie, I first want to thank you all for your support and kind words. The comments on yesterday’s post made me feel warm-and-fuzzy-special which is a nice change from the short-bus-special I normally feel. I never rode a short bus but I did ride a special bus in high […]

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saturday morning remedies

So, let’s say hypothetically that you went to a party on Friday night and had a smidge too much champagne.  Maybe you woke up Saturday morning with a tiny headache and a slightly delicate stomach. Not a hangover, goodness no, nothing like that, you know better than that.  You just woke up feeling a little […]

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buttermilk pancakes

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Hi. How are you? Good I hope… By now I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been taking a bit of break. It wasn’t entirely planned but between birthdays and Valentine’s, and snow trips and Wicked, I’ve been eating out a lot the last couple of weeks and not cooking. But I’m back now and I made […]

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buttermilk biscuits for the soul

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As much as chicken soup is lauded as a cure for what ails you, and is perhaps the quintessential comfort food (it even has its own series of books for goodness sake), I’d like to disagree. You see, to me soup is fine when you have the flu and are eating mostly liquids, but when […]

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