We grew onions in our garden this summer. Aren’t they pretty?

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I had writing class tonight. And thanks to my highly developed skills of procrastination, I did not start on my homework until this morning. That made for a busy and writing-intensive day. And now I’m pooped. But because I promised a photo with every post this month, here is one of Dan that I really […]

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a little too comfortable

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(Notice where he’s resting his hand… )

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Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread. — Pablo Neruda

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thinking outside the box

Like most of us, Raven doesn’t like being told she needs to think outside the box. Then again, sometimes she takes things too literally…

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sgt. pepper

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Wordless Wednesday [I saw Wordless Wednesday on someone’s blog last week, can’t remember whose at the moment… no, these aren’t words. Sshhhh]

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Good morning

I was so inspired by Tea’s “Stalking Wonder” post that I went out to stalk some of my own wonder.  I’ve spent too much time inside lately so it was refreshing to get out into the morning sunshine.  I didn’t go far, only to my mailbox and back.  The apartment complex I live in has […]

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