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holiday plans

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Dan and I aren’t having turkey on Thursday, instead we’re having dinner with his family on Saturday. In recent years, I’ve taken on large parts of the Thanksgiving meal (turkey, sweet potatoes, rolls, and dessert). But this year, I’m opting for a simpler approach: I’ve volunteered to make pie. And maybe a cake. And ice […]

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the jello dude

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I was hanging out in the living room when Dan’s eight year old asked with a twinkle in his eye if I would help him make Jello. A few months ago, I showed him how easy Jello is to make, and now it is his specialty. And tonight, he proclaimed himself the Jello King. But […]

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bring the jar

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Dan said when I told him I was making applesauce yesterday, his initial thought was “big deal”. That it would probably taste a little fresher than the store bought stuff… that it would be “good” but you know, “it’s just applesauce”.

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an apple a day

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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away…” Do apples baked into pie still count? I’m no expert, but I am inclined to say yes. Then again I like pie.

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pie crust (part 3) – butter, shortening, vodka, or lard?

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Welcome to the third installment of my pie crust adventure. The first round of results are in. Dan and I tasted four different crusts and ranked them from best to worst for taste and texture.

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wine bar

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Dan treated me to a lovely night out tonight.  He has been sick for a couple of weeks and only a few days ago began to feel well enough to get out of the house for any real amount of time.  And I have been busy with classes, the foodbuzz festival (and recovering from the […]

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pie crust (part 1) – butter vs shortening

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Aren’t these cute pies? As I mentioned yesterday, I have been dreaming of pies. And crumbles and tarts. But mostly pie. And this week I finally decided to turn dreams into reality. But first things first, I have questions: which pie crust is best? all-butter? butter + vegetable shortening? or butter + lard? I know […]

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