just for fun


Photo: Me and Dan finishing the San Jose Muddy Buddy I was out for a run yesterday when I had an idea for a series of blog pots that would focus on those things that maybe I’ve been keeping to myself… afraid of saying out loud (on line) for fear that you would think I’m […]

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greetings from the other side

Can you believe it is already May? I’m shocked. And relieved as well. April was a marathon of family events from simple visits to weddings and a funeral. Overall it was a good, albeit hectic, month. But now April is gone (whew) and May is here (woot!). And now with all this free time, I’ve […]

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time to make the… cupcakes

Even though Dan and I ran off to Hawaii and got married by ourselves, we do want to celebrate with friends and family. So this Saturday we’re doing just that. Savory & Sweet is catering (mm, tri tip and polenta lasagna). Coffee Zombie Collective is jamming. And I… I am making the cupcakes. Wait, did […]

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want to go dress shopping?

Hey, so how bout it? Want to look at dresses with me? Great! Let’s go… [If you said no, can I interest you in some chocolate biscotti instead?] I saw that dress in an issue of The Knot and it was love at first sight. When I looked up the designer Jenny Yoo I found […]

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an irish interlude

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and all things Irish, I’m interrupting the confessions of a sugar addict to share a real life Irish fairy tale with you. It was the early 1800s in Ireland.  John was a strapping young blacksmith from the County Waterford. He fell in love with a beautiful lass from a […]

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black friday

Thumbnail image for black friday

Peek-a-boo. After a few days away, this evening I was back in the kitchen making pie crusts for our belated Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. By the way, I found leaf lard! (and there was much rejoicing).

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