how to dice an onion

Or more accurately, how I dice an onion. My knife skills are self taught, mostly from watching way too many episodes of Top Chef. So by no means am I claiming to be the most skilled or expert knife wielder. But I wanted to share how I’ve learned to do it, just in case it […]

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Chiffa-wha? Chiffonade. It’s a fancy name for cutting herbs or other greens into long, thin strips. It’s literal French translation is “made of rags”. Sounds appetizing, right? Even so, it’s a nice little technique to have in your back pocket. I mostly use chiffonade for basil (do chiffonade? make chiffonade? I’m not sure the right […]

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scooping out a pumpkin

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If it weren’t for cleaning out the inside of a pumpkin, I think I would cook with them more often. It takes me forever to scrape out all of the stringy stuff inside. This has made me lazy and I mostly use canned now. But we bought a few pumpkins for Hallloween decorations, and never […]

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I finally had time today to go on my quest for the Holy Grail of pie crust: leaf lard. While I did not find leaf lard specifically, I came home with two different lards (is lards a word?).

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molasses: what is it and what is it good for?

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Wednesday’s post on how to make your own brown sugar sparked more interest than I expected. And a few questions came up in the comments, so I decided to try to answer them in a post. Here is a summary of what I learned about molasses plus a few more recipes that use molasses.

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