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tomato-watermelon salad

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This week I had the best of intentions. I started out Monday with perfectly reasonable goals for blogging, my new-ish coaching business, clutter-busting around my office, and exercise. But no sooner had I written down my goals than catching up on House: the last season took priority. Do/did you watch House? If so, please tell […]

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marbled peppermint bark

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What is Christmas without a little peppermint bark? Or in this case, marbled bark… sounds fancy, but isn’t really. Like with the cranberry bliss bar, I’m kind of stretching the meaning of “cookie” again. But I’m still in the easy-does-it mode in the kitchen. So easy in fact, I didn’t turn on a stove or […]

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coconut macaroons

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Can I tell you a secret?… I have a weakness for coconut. Coconut cake, coconut cream pie, Thai curries with coconut milk, coconut macaroons, Mounds and Almond Joy. Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t… When I eat an Almond Joy, I always eat the almond first so that I can savor the […]

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pie in a jar

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What did I put in those jars?… Pie! That’s right, pie.

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apple tart

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The preliminary results of my crust taste-off are in, and, given the trial run, this should come as no surprise: the all-butter crust did not win. But that doesn’t mean we can’t love an all-butter crust. In fact, the all-butter crust (aka sweet pastry dough aka pâte brisée) is still a delicious and perfect tart […]

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arugula and peach salad with honeyed vinaigrette

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Okay, so… I know the summer peaches are almost gone, and that’s really a bummer (I love peaches).  But just in case you still have one or two lying around without a purpose I wanted to share this with you.  This salad was inspired by one I had at the Taste of the Nation in […]

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dulce de leche brownies

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Yesterday was my last day at work.  I can’t believe it is actually over. I’ve been waiting and counting down for a couple of months now (longer than that really, but that was when I made my decision to quit), but now that it’s over I feel odd. I had my struggles with work for […]

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