saturday inspiration

  My fingernails are caked in paint. Not like a pretty manicure, more like a mottled mess. But I don’t care because I love to paint. This is new. In the past whenever I’d try to paint, I would only see the mistakes. I’d think, “I’m not an artist.” And pack up my paints and […]

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easy cupcake stand (aka 200 cupcakes, part 3)

So far we have baked and frosted 200 cupcakes while keeping our cool, stored them overnight and got them to the venue, and now we are going to show them off. Cupcakes can entice nearly anyone into their presence like the Sirens luring sailors to their doom. Without any special displays or fancy decorations. So […]

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3am hats

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After finishing the baby hat and sweater for my friend Kristi’s baby-to-be, I couldn’t stop knitting. I broke into my stash of yarn and found some self-striping yarn I had bought last winter. I don’t remember why I bought it, aside from the fact that it is self-striping. I mean, isn’t that cool? You just […]

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things mom taught me

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My mom taught me to roller skate when I was about six years old. One afternoon, we went to the local roller rink. She laced up my skates then laced up her own. Off to the side of the main skating area, there was a small rink like a kiddie pool. This is where I […]

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Cheery cherry apron

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I bought this fabric a couple of months ago with the intent to make an apron. But I’ve been busy with family visits and holidays and… well, procrastinating. But today, instead of baking cookies, I set about making that apron.

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Catching up

I subscribe to a lot of blogs, and thanks to laziness and procrastination, I get really behind on reading them. There are times that I wonder why I don’t just unsubscribe to most of them if I can’t keep up. But then there are days like today when I have the time to catch up […]

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Happy Earth Day!

I don’t usually do anything in particular to celebrate Earth Day, but I have been making small changes to my habits over the last few years to green my life.  Things like using reusable shopping bags, reducing my consumer tendencies, and finding creative ways to reuse things.  Like this bag.  It’s made from fused plastic […]

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