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This page is for those of you interested in the technical details behind Brownies for Dinner.

Something you may not know about me: I spent 10+ years of my life as a software engineer working on things like online banking software and sites like Yahoo! Shine.

I wrote code (PHP mostly, but also Java, Perl, etc), found ways to make large sites perform well (i.e., not be annoyingly sloooow), and also looked at the usability of websites (you know, so real people can use them not just engineers).

One thing I am really good at is translating geek-speak into English. So I thought why not share some of my technical expertise with you by giving you a glimpse under the hood of Brownies for Dinner?

For now, here is a quick rundown, but I will be adding more detailed information and how-to’s. I’m also always happy to answer questions, just email me.

Whatsits and Whosits that make Brownies for Dinner work

Self-hosted WordPress

Dedicated Servers by Liquid Web
Liquid Web Hosting

I use the WordPress theme Thesis

How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.
(that’s an affiliate link so if you do click and buy Thesis, I get a latte or something equivalent).

Loads of useful plugins

There are more but these are the most useful:

  • Aksimet to take care of the spam comments. You know, stuff about enlarging certain bits and such.
  • WP Minify – voodoo magic to help pages load faster (it compresses Javascript and CSS)
  • Broken Link Checker – does what it name implies, it checks for broken links. Aside from being annoying to readers who can’t follow the link, having gobs of bad links on your site is bad for SEO.
  • Apture – adds the fancy search bar at the top when you scroll down the page (also has links to share the page on Facebook or Twitter). I recently added this and am still evaluating this one.
  • – optimize your SEO the easy way. (disclosure: the link is an affiliate link so I might get a sugar cookie if you buy Scribe through that link)

Anyway, like I said this is just a quick overview. And again, feel free to send me your questions.