it’s friday, gotta get down on friday

by Patricia on September 14, 2012

Image Credit: Otto Bettman via Pinterest

Do you recognize that line I used in the post title? It’s stuck in my head as I write this, even though I had never actually listened to the song until I started writing this post (cause I wanted to get the lyrics right). “It’s Friday, Friday, blahblahblahblah Friday”… that’s what’s stuck in my head on an endless loop.

If you’re still not sure what I’m talking about watch this: video (Rebecca Black’s Friday, which went viral last year). Yeah, I’m sorry.

(I only watched the first 52 seconds of it. I just couldn’t go on.)


Moving on… to this week’s roundup of goodies from the interwebs.

Image Credit: some ecards

That’s my truth.

Pinterest food discoveries

Other wonders from Pinterest

  • Pack like a boss – A flight attendant shows us how to pack 10 days of stuff in 1 carry-on bag. I’m going to try this for my next trip!
  • Instead of buying the acorn twine holder from Williams-Sonoma (though it is pretty), just use what you got… a canning jar

And my favorite from this week:

Image Credit: We heart it via Pinterest

Don’t be held back by mephobia. Get out and be awesome this weekend!

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