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by Patricia on May 14, 2011 · 3 comments

Can you believe it is already May? I’m shocked. And relieved as well.

April was a marathon of family events from simple visits to weddings and a funeral. Overall it was a good, albeit hectic, month. But now April is gone (whew) and May is here (woot!).

And now with all this free time, I’ve been letting my creative juices flow. I have cooked a little, written some, and crafted a lot.

Most of my cooking has been on the grill or panini press, though I did venture off into Le Creuset-land once with a spatchcocked chicken and a little help from Martha (in the picture up top… I added bacon and onions to the chicken and tomatoes recipe and it was amazing).

As for writing, I am taking another Humor writing class and been working on a couple of personal essays for that. I’ve also started playing around with fiction and have a couple of stories in the works. Now, let’s see if I can apply some of that writing mojo to this here bloggy thing.

And then there are the crafts. I’ve started painting and while I don’t think it’s all that fancy or great, I decided why not share my first painting here? (that’s a quote from Colette).

I’ve also been making jewelry…

Some for myself like this bracelet.

And some for my friends’ birthdays like these earrings. (The yellow/amber ones up above were also a birthday gift for another friend).

And that brings us to today.

Happy Saturday!


1 Foodafok June 26, 2011 at 2:25 pm

Interesting chicken recipes. The bracelets are beautiful. And who bears?

2 Mary @ Bites and Bliss May 15, 2011 at 10:37 am

Beautiful jewelry! I’d love to make some like that. :)

3 Enyasi May 14, 2011 at 9:53 pm

The chicken dish sounds delicious!!!

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