August 2010

happy friday!

I’ll be in a class all weekend so while you are out enjoying the sunshine, I’ll be stuck in a classroom learnin n’ stuff. But it’s all good. I can bake on Monday (it’s not so much that I want to devour a bunch of sweets as it is that I miss baking. Is that […]

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breakfast smoothie

Back in May I had turned over a new leaf.  I was walking with a pedometer and eating more veggies and felt pretty good about it.  I had even lost 1.5 pounds.  Soon after, I swapped running for walking and ditched the pedometer (only partly because I felt like a dork wearing a white pod […]

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want to go dress shopping?

Hey, so how bout it? Want to look at dresses with me? Great! Let’s go… [If you said no, can I interest you in some chocolate biscotti instead?] I saw that dress in an issue of The Knot and it was love at first sight. When I looked up the designer Jenny Yoo I found […]

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