February 2010

buttermilk pancakes

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Hi. How are you? Good I hope… By now I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been taking a bit of break. It wasn’t entirely planned but between birthdays and Valentine’s, and snow trips and Wicked, I’ve been eating out a lot the last couple of weeks and not cooking. But I’m back now and I made […]

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whoopie pies

Who wouldn’t like to make a little whoopie this Valentine’s Day? Careful though, it can be habit forming. Whoopie pies with their chocolate cake outside and creamy marshmallow inside (what did you think I meant?). I’m seriously addicted.

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vanilla bean nutella sandwich cookies

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Dear Vanilla Bean, I understand you are upset. You feel I lured you out of of your precious little vial with promises of stardom when really I knew all along you were just playing a supporting role. Well, maybe that’s a little true. But no one else could have played that role quite as well […]

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buttermilk biscuits for the soul

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As much as chicken soup is lauded as a cure for what ails you, and is perhaps the quintessential comfort food (it even has its own series of books for goodness sake), I’d like to disagree. You see, to me soup is fine when you have the flu and are eating mostly liquids, but when […]

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