January 2010

full circle

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I learned recently that there is a small farm about 4 miles from my apartment. In some places this might be normal, but I live smack in the middle of Silicon Valley. We’ve got suburbs and box stores galore, but other than a one acre corn field about 10 miles from here I had no […]

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roasted butternut squash soup

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Imagine you have signed up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) and they deliver a box of organic produce to you every week. Wonderful, right? Now imagine the box contains not one but two butternut squash (or squashes if you prefer. Oddly, either is correct. I looked it up). And then the following week, the […]

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Ten in ’10

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I used to be a runner. I was never really competitive, but I did run in several races through the years, everything from 5Ks to a marathon. My favorite distance was the half marathon, because it didn’t require the insane commitment to training that a full marathon requires but it’s still a challenge. In my […]

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happy new year!

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Cheers! Did you have a fun New Year’s Eve? Dan and I had a low-key evening at home. We didn’t even make it to midnight… when did I get so old? Haha.

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