January 2010

bourbon glazed wings

It’s that time of year again. You know, when even those who don’t follow football perk up at the mention of a Super Bowl Party. All of a sudden everyone’s got a favorite team. Or not. Football is just the excuse. The party is really about friends and the food. Actually, that’s really what life […]

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how to revive leafy greens

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Have you ever bought a bunch of leafy lettuce with the intent of making a beautiful salad only to find it wilted in your refrigerator a few days later? What did you do? Did you: A. throw it away then eat a pound of chocolate because you were so riddled with guilt? Or… B. revive […]

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potato and leek gratin

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While I don’t think men are the only ones who like gratin, I file this one under Man Food. With it’s hearty potato, cheese and cream trifecta, it is something a man will inhale in heaps while a woman looks on jealously as she picks at her own dainty portion. At least, that’s the way […]

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ten in ’10: week 2

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I’m going to keep this update short and sweet (well, not too sweet). Week 2 was tougher than week 1. The shiny new-ness of the year already started to fade and with it my enthusiasm for avoiding sugary treats and exercising. I ran and went to spin class and even added a couple of short […]

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chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies

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I received an unexpected gift this Christmas from a few people that Dan works with: a copy of Martha Stewart’s Cookies. A lot of the treats I have baked in the last year found their way to Dan’s office and while I haven’t spent much time around his team, they all know me. It’s kind […]

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ten in ’10: week 1

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This was my first full week of exercise in a long time, and I’m happy to report I survived. My legs did not fall off, and my head did not explode. Sometimes I worry about these things… I mean, you never know.

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links: this and that

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Aren’t leeks pretty? I love the colors and the concentric circles… kind of like Nature’s tie dye. Remember I had all of that butternut squash? Well, I tried a recipe from Molly of Orangette for a warm butternut and chickpea salad with tahini. It was really good. Dan went back for a second helping. We […]

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