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by Patricia on December 30, 2009 · 4 comments


It’s almost 2010. Do you have your resolutions ready? I have been making my list and checking it twice though I don’t really like to call them resolutions so much as goals or steps. Resolutions sounds so strict. I have a number of goals, too many for one person really, so if you need some ideas just let me know, I’m happy to share…

Among my list are the typical things like “lose weight”, “eat healthy”, and “save money”. Which is where those chocolate bars come in… at least for the first two goals. I’ve been carrying around some extra weight now for over a year, so it was on my list last year as well but I managed to procrastinate 2009 away. I’m that good. SO entering 2010, I am going in with a plan. And some specific objectives. Instead of just saying I want to “lose weight” and “eat healthy”, I am cutting down on sweets which sadly means there will be fewer cupcakes and cookies on this blog for a little while though I will be replacing them with some equally delicious food for thought and a few lighter dishes as we start the new year. But I can’t give up dessert entirely. So instead of having a cookie or five after dinner, I am going back to the French Women Don’t Get Fat idea of eating a small piece of good-quality chocolate… not the entire candy bar, just a little bit.


I forgot how beautiful chocolate can be all by itself. Good chocolate… not M&Ms or Hershey’s which have so much sugar in them they are addictive (seriously… have you tried to stop eating M&Ms once you’ve started? I don’t think it’s possible). Eating good chocolate is almost like drinking a nice wine, the flavors are so complex and wonderful you want to slow down just so you can hear what your taste buds are saying.

I’ve also joined a support group of sorts… started by Lori (aka The Recipe Girl). She was chatting with a few friends on Twitter and from their collective tweets sprang Ten in 10. You are welcome to join us as well, just contact Lori or follow along with me here. Everyone is publicly stating their goals and will be tackling them head-on. The idea of ten in 10 is to make a big push for the first 10 weeks of the year and then carry that momentum into the rest of the year. In Lori’s words: “It’s important to note that the challenge is not a diet. It’s a ten week commitment to make a healthy change in your life.” If you look at the list of who all is participating, you will find me there and my goals listed are:

lose 10 lbs., prep for 10K, eat more veg/whole grains, improve overall fitness & fit into jeans again

The official start of Ten in 10 is this Saturday (January 2), but if you’d like to join and can’t do it until next week that’s okay! The more the merrier :)

But fitness and food-related stuff barely scratch the surface of what I’d like to do in 2010. I want to de-clutter my apartment and my brain. I’d like to get control of my time and stop wasting so much of it in front of the television or computer. I’d like to read more. Write more. Create more. Run a half marathon. And basically be superwoman. That’s reasonable, right?

Well, maybe not. So to keep myself motivated and focused, I have created another blog to keep track of my progress. It will be a place where I also blab a bit on some other things that fill my brain like simplifying, finding balance, changing habits, and basically finding happiness in daily life. The new blog is called 1x1year which reflects my approach to 2010: small steps… taking it on day by day. Anyway, I decided to create a new blog for this so that Brownies for dinner can continue to be a food-centric blog.

What is on your list for 2010? And how are you planning to tackle it?



1 Rachel Cotterill December 31, 2009 at 12:56 am

Those all sound like good goals – all the best for 2010! :)

2 Patricia January 2, 2010 at 12:52 pm

Thanks, Rachel. Happy New Year!

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