October 2009

peer pressure

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Hello, my name is Patricia and I’m a television junkie. Though I prefer to think that I’m a recovering TV junkie… well, I was recovering until last week.

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beets (roundup edition)

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Dan and I started getting a box of fruits and vegetables through a CSA about two months ago. They offer a few different kinds and sizes of boxes. We get what they call their “regular” box which gets a good mix of fruits and vegetables of all types. I wanted to try the “regular” box […]

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thinking outside the box

Like most of us, Raven doesn’t like being told she needs to think outside the box. Then again, sometimes she takes things too literally…

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ain’t nothin wrong with lovin chunky

Something about that banana pudding post conjured the image of Moto Moto from Madagascar 2 (“So nice you say it twice”) and now I have his “big and chunky” song running through my head. So I decided to share the love… (not quite the movie version but still good)…

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banana pudding

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Banana pudding is what my childhood dreams were made of. That and my grandmother’s applesauce cake. Oh, and Monkees reruns… and River Phoenix. He was dreamy in Stand By Me, wasn’t he? I feel like I’m twelve again just thinking about that movie. Still, banana pudding is somewhere in the top 15 or 20.

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*Gasp*. The paparazzi caught Cookie in bed.

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sgt. pepper

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Wordless Wednesday [I saw Wordless Wednesday on someone’s blog last week, can’t remember whose at the moment… no, these aren’t words. Sshhhh]

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