August 2009

My run in with the mafia.

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Christine from Neo Cocoa invited me to tag along with the Sweet Mafia on a private tour of the TCHO chocolate factory. And you know, when the mafia is involved, you can’t say no. So I took the train to San Francisco on Wednesday and met up with Christine and part of the sweet mafia […]

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Taste of the Nation Napa

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Before I jump into my experiences at the Taste of the Nation last week, I wanted to say a quick hello to all of you. I feel like I’ve been away for a long time. It’s only been a week or so since my last post but somehow it feels like an eternity. Maybe time […]

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Oklahoma is OK

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I got home yesterday from a five-day excursion to northeast Oklahoma. Dan, the kids and I went out there for Dan’s family reunion. It’s a beautiful area, not at all like the Oklahoma I remember from visits as a kid (down near the panhandle of Texas… much drier and dustier).

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No-cook strawberry ice cream

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After months of internal debate, I broke down and subscribed to Gourmet and Bon Appétit. I was hesitant because I had just unsubscribed from some other magazines in an effort to save some trees (plus I just wasn’t reading them any more… stuff like Lucky and Self). But after seeing so many recipes from both […]

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dulce de leche brownies

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Yesterday was my last day at work.  I can’t believe it is actually over. I’ve been waiting and counting down for a couple of months now (longer than that really, but that was when I made my decision to quit), but now that it’s over I feel odd. I had my struggles with work for […]

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Pickled grapes with cinnamon and black pepper

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I have never been a pickle lover. That is to say, I like pickles but I have never loved them. When a dill spear comes along side a sandwich at a deli, I often leave it untouched. But sometimes I do like a pickle or two on my hamburger. Given my lukewarm feelings about pickles, […]

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A week without sugar (agave sweetened brownies)

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Yep, you heard me right:  A week without sugar. Can a girl who has eaten brownies for dinner really give up sugar? Better yet, why would she even try?  I have no idea.  Hehehe.  Okay, to be completely and embarrassingly honest, I ate an entire buttermilk cake by myself… over two days. Well, technically over about […]

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