Saturday night

by Patricia on July 18, 2009

Happy Saturday everyone. I started out the weekend feeling like I was coming down with something which as Melissa mentioned the other day just isn’t fair… being sick in the summer sucks. Luckily it never developed into a full-fledged illness, I just had a couple of days of halfway, not-quite, almost sick which is really bad enough. But let’s put that behind us, shall we?

This evening Dan and I went out to dinner. It was a warm evening and our first choice was just to go sit at one of our favorite little cafes with a charcuterie and cheese board and a little wine.  But it turns out they close at 7pm on Saturday. Friday is the night they stay open later.  Sigh. Oh well.  So.. we walked down the street until we came across this quaint Victorian mansion that is now a restaurant called Travese. There is a huge deck outside and upon seeing that we were sold. I wasn’t terribly hungry so kept it somewhat light by ordering two appetizers for my dinner. Dan had a New York strip which was really nice; the waiter suggested the Trefethen Double T. Cabernet Sauvignon (2004) to accompany the steak. The cabernet had a really spicy nose but  a pretty smooth finish and paired very well with the steak. I had the seared scallop with chilled soba noodles and seaweed salad followed by a sweet corn bisque which was accompanied by a cilantro soda. The scallops were amazing and I have to commend Dan on his restraint; I could tell he really wanted to dig in but waited patiently for me to offer him bites since it was really my dinner and not a shared course. The sweet corn bisque was really good, quite sweet though but in a naturally sweet corny flavor way. The cilantro soda, served in a little shot glass as a chaser to the corn bisque, was good.. interesting… and surprisingly refreshing. In the heat I couldn’t fathom drinking a big red so went with a white wine. I ordered the Clautiere Vineyard Viognier (2005). I’ve only had Viognier a couple of times (and certainly don’t recall which ones I’ve had), but I remembered both being light and fruity but not overly sweet… and to be honest, I like saying the name. Silly as that is as a reason to order wine… but that is what I ordered and it was just right.  Cool, light, fruity but not sweet. Overall it was a good meal. Travese is definitely a place I’d visit again.

I hope that whatever you did this Saturday, that you had a good time, some good food, and enjoyed it with someone you love.

Tomorrow: a photo of something… maybe even some food.

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