July 2009


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How are all of you? I’m okay. I’ve had a fever of unknown origin for a few days and I smell of illness. You know, the I’ve been in my pajamas much too long kind of a smell. But my temperature is down to only 99.5 today, woohoo. I probably don’t need to point out […]

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melon and prosciutto

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The other day it was so hot that I did not want anything warm to eat so I sent out a tweet “What is your favorite heat-wave meal?”  I got a few responses, but the one that stood out was from Scott aka Seattle Food Geek: “My fave is a platter of mozzarella, tomato, basil, […]

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Cheery cherry apron

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I bought this fabric a couple of months ago with the intent to make an apron. But I’ve been busy with family visits and holidays and… well, procrastinating. But today, instead of baking cookies, I set about making that apron.

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Saturday night

Happy Saturday everyone. I started out the weekend feeling like I was coming down with something which as Melissa mentioned the other day just isn’t fair… being sick in the summer sucks. Luckily it never developed into a full-fledged illness, I just had a couple of days of halfway, not-quite, almost sick which is really […]

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Catching up

I subscribe to a lot of blogs, and thanks to laziness and procrastination, I get really behind on reading them. There are times that I wonder why I don’t just unsubscribe to most of them if I can’t keep up. But then there are days like today when I have the time to catch up […]

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Day 16.

Hi there. Please ignore this post. Yep, disregard it… It is my feeble attempt to keep the nablopomo streak going. Despite the aches of impending illness. I was almost ready to admit defeat but don’t want to yet. What do you think, does this post count? Or is this a nablopomo fail?

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Our first tomato

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The garden tomatoes are finally ripe. Well, one of them anyway. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am. The tomato plants are full of green tomatoes and I am waiting patiently for the rest to ripen.  If this first tomato is any indication, we will be having our fill of delicious tomatoes this […]

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