Happy Memorial Day

by Patricia on May 24, 2009


I hope you are having a great weekend.  While you are all enjoying the sunny weather and BBQs and beach picnics, I am sitting at home being waited on hand and foot.  Pampered with anything I want.  Sounds great, right? Well, don’t get too jealous.  I came home early on Friday with the swine flu.  Well, not the swine flu exactly. More like the plague (or possibly just a cold).  I hate being sick and I have a tendency to exaggerate when I am… oh, and I get whiny.  

But Dan has been more than patient with me.  He really has taken very good care of me.  Friday, he ran out to pick up our favorite “sick day soup” (aka calde de pollo from Fiesta del Mar Too filled with chunks of chicken, avocado, tomato, and carrots).  Then we went to rent movies and he snuck off to buying me a single white rose just to cheer me up.  Yes, I do realize I’m spoiled. 


I have a few delicious things to share with you but I don’t really have the energy today to go through all the photos and write anything interesting, so hopefully you will bear with me.  In the meantime, I’ve had a little time this weekend to catch up on reading all of the blogs I subscribe to and here are a few things that caught my eye that I thought you might also enjoy: 

Katie from Salt and Chocolate has been making vanilla extract and flavored sugars for her own use and gifts. I think that’s a great idea… I’m always looking for easy handmade gifts.

Double chocolate coconut cookies from eat me, delicious.  Chocolate and coconut, need I say more?  Also I’m a sucker for cute cat pictures and this post has one of Abby in a box of papers.

Linda from Tender Crumb made some chocolate mascarpone brownies that look fudgy and delicious.  I wish I had some of these now.  The chocolate ganache on top is calling to me.  If I had mascarpone in the refrigerator I would make these right now. I believe they would cure my cruddy illness.

And if those brownies couldn’t cure me, these would for sure: S’mores Cookies… from Risa of Baked Perfection and they do look perfect.  Will someone come bake them for me?  I promise not to whine… too much.

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