March 2009

Chocolate croissants… sort of.

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So you’ve bought some puff pastry and made an apple tart, right?  What about the other sheet of puff pastry?  I mean, they come 2 to a box.  Did you make a second tart?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I thought I would share what I did with my second sheet.  First […]

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Saturday shot

I know, I know.  Not food.  But I wanted to say hi.  So… “Hi!”. This stargazer lily is on my counter right now… and while it is decidedly not food, it is sitting near the food.  And don’t worry, there are some pictures of a sweet treat coming soon.  Happy Saturday!

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Time to make the doughnuts. Or is it donuts?

Do you like doughnuts?  How about donuts?  Why are there 2 spellings?  Personally, I prefer doughnuts.  I don’t have a good reason, but I think the Southern part of my brain likes the extra letters.  Donuts is just so short and curt whereas doughnuts you can kind of linger over… just slow down and take […]

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the ultimate cupcake

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The Ultimate? I know, that’s pretty bold of me to say.  Right?  I’m not usually so bold.  In fact, as a rule I under-sell things… you know, the whole set expectations low and deliver above and beyond.  But you know what?  This cupcake can stand up to the scrutiny.  The flavors are all understated but […]

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Easy apple tart and the roundup

Frozen puff pastry, how do I leave thee?  Let me count the ways…  I love you as a turnover.  Twisted with cinnamon and sugar for an easy treat.  Palmiers you roll up quickly.  And most recently, I love you as a simple tart… If you have not yet discovered the frozen puff pastry at your […]

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Sort of grown up French toast

French toast is the first thing I can remember cooking completely on my own.  I can’t remember learning to make it.  I just remember making it: eggs, milk, loaf bread, maybe some cinnamon or nutmeg, and if I was feeling really crazy a dash of vanilla.  Do you have anything like that?  You know, one […]

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Quick and tasty Pho

Who else is tired of the MGD64 commercials? They’re kind of silly. Actually, I’m finding commercials a bit annoying in general lately. Maybe I should pick different content to watch (What? So I like the B movies… Mickey Blue Eyes, Beauty Shop, … is it really so wrong? I’ve been taking a break from cooking […]

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