Catching up on Top Chef (and a Roundup)

by Patricia on February 21, 2009

What did I do before DVR? Oh, that’s right… I actually got stuff done. Ha. But now I can have a crazy week and come home on Friday night and catch up on the week: Biggest Loser, Top Chef, Grey’s Anatomy, and reruns of Good Eats and Barefoot Contessa. Maybe it would be cooler to be out on the town, but I love my couple of hours with Padma, Alton and McDreamy.
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So here I am, Friday night, in the middle of a cat sandwich blogging, reading Baking: From my home to yours (Am I the only one who reads cookbooks?), and watching Top Chef: Finale Part I in New Orleans – Laissez les bons temps rouler! Pretty-boy Jeff made it back by winning a quickfire challenge that Emeril judged (Bam!). Now there are 5 competitors: Stefan, Fabio, Carla, Hosea, and Jeff. I like Carla… and Fabio. I find Hosea to be a bit too whiny and Stefan is too arrogant. And is it wrong for me to say this? Jeff is just too pretty. Stefan does seem to be one of the strongest competitors but… meh. What do you think? Who is your favorite Top Chef competitor? And who do you think will win?

And now for this week’s roundup:
– Linda of Tender Crumb started her quest for the perfect brownie with a classic brownie. (I’m super excited to follow her search!)
Outrageous Oreo Crunch Brownies from eat me, delicious. (Oreos!)
– Risa of Baked Perfection Chocolate Caramel Brownies (they’re covered in chocolate chips with caramel inside of the brownies… mmm)

Well, folks, I’m gonna go rescue a couple of bananas from their imminent demise… (Boo. Fabio is gone… boo.)

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