Birthday dinner

by Patricia on February 16, 2009 · 1 comment

My first official birthday week was awesome and exhausting. But no complaints about birthday week will be found here. My only complaints are about work not honoring my special week, but I will spare you those complaints as well. This post is only about happy-fun-stuff… now on to it:

When I last mentioned birthday week, I had just baked the pretty pink cupcakes. The following day, I brightened a few people’s day with special cupcake deliveries. My favorite quote came from a co-worker who was having an especially bad day: “It’s amazing how much of a difference one cupcake can make”. Yes! Exactly why I’ve been baking so many cupcakes lately!

Wednesday was my actual birthday and I took the day off work so that I could relax and enjoy it. It was the best birthday ever. My day was bookended with great meals: breakfast at Los Gatos Cafe and dinner at Plumed Horse. In between I did some relaxing and a little shopping. A perfect day. For breakfast, we had the “California Benedict” (eggs benedict with fresh avocado… yum) and buttermilk pancakes (a classic) both of which were delicious.
But dinner… dinner was heaven. We went to Uncorked first for a little wine tasting. I liked Uncorked, Patrick, who poured our wine, was very knowledgeable but really unpretentious. But back to dinner…

black pepper-parmesan souffle with crab fondue
This was my favorite dish. Black pepper-parmesan souffle with crab fondue. OMG! I cannot even begin to describe the wonderfulness that enveloped my mouth which each and every spoonful. But if you ever have a chance to try it, get your own because it is not a sharing kind of dish ;)

The rest of the meal was fantastic: Parsnip soup in 5 parts: sweet breads, chestnuts, duck, and bacon flan — I don’t know what was in that parsnip soup but I have a new perspective on parsnips now. By the time the main course arrived I had had so much wine that I didn’t pay very close attention, take photos or make notes about the specifics, I just remember that I ordered a braised beef with risotto, and D. had a Colorado lamb with some ravioli… both were delicious.

But the wine. Don’t get me wrong. The wine was wonderful. Did I mention we did some wine tasting before dinner? Oh, then we each had a glass of wine at the restaurant before dinner. And then… the waiter did an impromptu wine pairing with dinner. At one point, we had 8 partial glasses of wine on the table…
too much wine
7 of the 8 glasses on our table… très ridiculous. I don’t like to waste wine… but I had stop. I’m glad I stopped when I did because I had wine belly the rest of the night as it was.

We were both too full to even consider the dessert menu, which was really sad because they had a Valrhona chocolate souffle that caught my eye the moment I opened the menu. But our waiter would not take a complete “no” as an answer and returned with “a few small bites”…

the "no dessert" dessert

It was an amazing dinner and I was not sick after all of that wine so it was a wonderful birthday… and D. spoiled me more than I’ve been spoiled before. But I spoiled him on his birthday too so I think we’re even (not that I’m competitive). I think this post is long enough at this point, so I will tell you all about the tasty treats I made for D.’s birthday tomorrow…

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