Just not random enough…

by Patricia on February 5, 2009 · 1 comment

I can be pretty random. For instance, you could be talking to me about the trip you are planning for the summer, and I might inform you that I need to wash my car. Unfortunately, the random number picker that chose the winner of the Iron Cupcake Earth: Wine challenge did not think I was random enough. With over 100 votes for my little lovelies, the random number picker did not see my randomness shining through. Perhaps I should have a talk with it.

My competitive nature is disappointed but it was fun… both baking the cupcake and also rallying the troops to go and vote for my cupcake (I’ve never talked so much about cupcakes in my life :D ). The February ingredient is Coffee, and I already have a couple of ideas that will require a little bit of experimentation. I’m looking forward to it… though this time I think I will try to dial back my competitiveness and just do it for the enjoyment of creation (Yeah, that’s it. Do it just for fun. yeah….).

Congrats to the winner: Saki-To Me Cardamom Cupcake with Go-Go Strawberry Kreme from Gonna Go Walk the Dogs. She submitted 8 different cupcakes to the wine challenge!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me. And stay tuned for the coffee cupcakes later this month…

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1 Joie de vivre February 5, 2009 at 9:16 pm

:( Sorry you lost. There were so many good lookin’ cupcakes. I’d never been on that site before and was amazed at how many entries it drew!

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