Get Fit: Week 1 Update

by Patricia on February 2, 2009

I have completed week 1 of both the sit-up and push up challenges. Overall, this week was good. I hit some bumps toward the end but I’m ready to regroup.

This week’s highlights:
– lost 1 pound
– fit into another pair of jeans (it has been months since I could fit into anything but my fat jeans)
– even with only 1 pound of loss, I could see and feel a difference. Even D. said I was looking leaner (isn’t he a great boyfriend? :D )

This week’s lowlights:
– work was a bugger wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule which lead to exhaustion
– exhaustion + D.’s move lead to a lot of take out and mindless eating

So I’m ending the week on kind of a low note, bloated and bleh from the take out this weekend and utterly exhausted from work and helping with the move. But I am ready to reset starting tomorrow morning — back to my yoga and push ups, oatmeal and yogurt and other goodness. As for tonight, I am going to bed early.

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