The holidays are over already?

by Patricia on January 4, 2009

Where has all of the time gone? I took almost 2 weeks off over the holidays and it’s already over. I didn’t get everything done that I would have liked, but stayed busy just the same. Among my unfinished projects, a Christmas apron. I have all of the pieces cut out just waiting to be sewn together. I guess I can finish that at my leisure over the course of this year and then I’ll have a new Christmas apron for next Christmas. ha.
Another unfinished project is a scarf I started to knit using the “big bamboo” stitch pattern from Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume One: Knit and Purl (this is a great book, by the way. I doubt I will ever try all of the stitches, but it is fun to play with new ones every now and then). I thought the big bamboo stitch would be a cute choice for the ball of Rowan Bamboo Soft (this is such a soft, lightweight yarn. It was meant to be a gift, but it might end up like the other scarves that did not get finished in time for Christmases past… in my collection of scarves. Is that bad? :) I have a hard time parting with pretty scarves… it’s a weakness).
And I still haven’t made any filled cupcakes. sigh. So many projects, so little time.

But enough of the “shoulda, coulda, woulda”… what happened to all of that time I had off anyway?

Here in abbreviated form is a review of the last couple of weeks…
For Christmas, I made the caramels, cookies, cranberry bliss bars, candies, a blanket for my mom, a 49er’s blanket for T. (D.’s 7 year old), and a couple other things I can’t remember at this very moment. On Christmas morning, I made buttermilk biscuits which D. and I ate with some leftover ham from our Christmas eve dinner (yum. a really good breakfast). I was relieved to not have to cook Christmas dinner, but I did make yeast rolls and gingerbread for dessert. The day after Christmas, D. and I flew to Seattle to visit my sister, nieces and bro-in-law. No baking or crafts while I was there but it was great to visit (minus 1 trip to the ER… I fell down the stairs. Ouch. And hit my right forearm hard enough I thought it might be fractured, but turned out it was only bruised… )

I got back home from Seattle on Sunday, Dec 28 and relaxed mostly for the rest of that day. On Monday, I cleaned and organized some of my apartment (still lots that could be cleaned and organized, but it was a good start). Tuesday I made marshmallows and this casserole for dinner. It was really good (lots and lots of cheese… how could it be bad?).
D. and I threw a New Year’s Eve party, so we spent part of Tuesday and Wednesday prepping for it (cleaning up and getting the food ready). I put together a nice spread without stressing myself out (thank you, Barefoot Contessa). I wish I had taken a picture of the table when I had everything set out. Anyway, I made brownies and dressed up the marshmallows I had made Tuesday. The only other thing I made was savory palmiers from Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics (super easy… it’s just puff pastry with pesto, toasted pine nuts, goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes, rolled up in the shape of a palmier. I didn’t have sun dried tomatoes, but they were still good). Everything else was just chopped or sliced, opened or poured… celery and carrot sticks, pita bread, hummus, cheese and salami. I managed to get it all done early and relax for an hour or so before everyone arrived to par-tay. whew. And the party was a lot of fun… plenty of bubbly and Rock Band 2 on the wii.
Actually, when I said “plenty of bubbly” I should say it was too much for some. Ok, not some. Just me. Yes, I spent most of the first day of 2009 lying on the sofa wishing I had had a little less bubbly the night before. Ugh. But I watched the Capital One bowl where my Dawgs won! Go Dawgs!
After a nap, the nausea and hangover were mostly gone. So D. and I headed to Tahoe as planned. Friday turned out to be a sloppy mess (snow, wind, a little rain mixed in) so we did not snowboard (Heavenly only had 2 lifts open. I could not fathom paying $86 for a lift ticket when only 2 lifts were running. When are they going to start discounting on days when they only open 2 lifts?). Instead, we went for a short snow-shoe “hike” to test out my new snowshoes (a Christmas present from D.) and then we went to see Valkyrie (it was good, but intense. I generally prefer comedies but I do like “based on a true story” type movies as well. I’m also not generally a fan of Tom Cruise. I have kind of been “over him” since Mission Impossible 2, maybe before that. Even so, I thought it was a pretty good movie. Definitely intense). Saturday was a nice day (cold, but sunny) so we hit the slopes at Sierra (my first time at Sierra. Smaller than Heavenly and Kirkwood but I liked it). Overall, it was a good first snow day. One of the runs was a little rocky (the rocks were covered with snow, but not a lot of snow) and I fell on my butt. I think my butt hit a snow covered rock because today I have a sore tail bone and bruise (My goal for the next couple of weeks: Don’t Fall).

And that brings us to today… a lazy lazy day. At least at first. D. has been fighting a cold or flu or something for about a week now, so I went over later in the afternoon to hang out and help out a little. I cooked dinner (I went old-school and made a Bisquick chicken pot pie — I have not bought Bisquick in years. I’m not sure what possessed me to dig that recipe up today, but it was good and even D.’s kids ate it).

And that brings me to now… I am writing a super long and rambly post and I still have not said anything about New Year’s Resolutions. I think those will have to wait until tomorrow since I should go to sleep so that I can get to work at a reasonable hour in the morning. Sigh. Back to work…

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