Happy New Year!

by Patricia on December 31, 2008 · 1 comment

I am doing some prep for the party tonight. We have a few folks coming over around 8pm so I’m putting together a few snacky things. My friends usually bring more snacks and drinks so I am trying to keep it simple so we don’t end up with 3 times as much food as we need.
I made marshmallows last night and plan to sprinkle some of then almonds and then drizzle it with chocolate. A few more of the homemade marshmallows made it into a batch of brownies that are cooling in the pan as I type…

Not very pretty at the moment, but I bet they will be prettier cut up with the marshmallow showing through against the dark chocolate brownie. Mmm.

On the non-sweet side of things I was thinking easy stuff like sliced salami and cheese and crudites (celery, carrots, etc) with hummus or something. My challenge when prepping for a party is keeping it simple enough… I tend to go overboard… way, way overboard :)

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1 Brit Hammer November 15, 2009 at 4:56 am

Ok. Stop this sketch. How on earth does one MAKE marshmallows???? (This is up there with how to make egg nog, that holiday drink that comes in those funny cardboard box-things in the dairy section). Granted, Armand has demystified the egg nog, but we’re in a quandary about “the marshmallow issue”. And why they’re spelled “-mallow” not “-mellow”. (Yes, I could look it up, but it’s more fun to see how you respond in “present time” posts.) And yes, that one’s up there with sherbet/sherbert and espresso/expresso, eh? (Stop this sketch. It’s too silly!)

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