Caramel rescue and vindication

by Patricia on December 15, 2008 · 1 comment

D. helped me save the round 1. He suggested dipping them in chocolate. I was skeptical, but melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips and dipped the slightly bitter, slightly burnt caramels in it. I also sprinkled them with some of the chocolate salt I made earlier. Wow. The result is great.

The second round of caramels are SOOOO good. so good. And when I followed through with my original plan of topping the caramels with just the chocolate salt… yum. For this batch, I skipped the cinnamon entirely and I added a mulling spices tea-bag to the apple juice as it was reducing. The only problem with this batch is that it is a little on the soft side… I know caramels usually are, but it makes it difficult for me to determine the best method of packaging.

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